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03/24/2012 - Release 1.0a is ready for download!

03/25/2012 - The Documentation page has been updated to include a batch processing example.

After conversing with John Donovan (Co-founder and Vice President of Client Services), I am proud to present the first public release of the openSourceC.Daylife library. The code is production ready, and is currently in use on production servers. However, the Daylife API is fairly large and I haven't taken the time to test each and every call.

One TODO, is to create a test project to test each of the calls.


Project Description
A client API library that allows full .NET access to the entire Daylife API.
I created this site back in 2006 when I was primarily working with Community Server on the side. I currently no longer support Community Server, but I do have some open source projects that I have been meaning to make available. Here is a list of some of the projects that I have been working on:

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